Accuracy and Reliability
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Product Type Number Rated Power Resistance Range Resistance Tolerance TCR Download Pdf Select
MA 0.3W (0.2 at 150kΩ or above 1Ω to 5Ω ±0.5(D) ±1(F) 0±15 (W)
MB 0.5W (0.3 at 200kΩ or above 5Ω to 30Ω ±0.1 (B) ±0.5 (D) ±1 (F) 0±15 (X)
MD 0.125W 30Ω to 100Ω ±0.05 (A) ±0.1 (B)
±0.5 (D) ±1 (F)
0±5 (X)
0±2.5 (Y)
HK 0.3W 100Ω ~ 100kΩ ±1% ~ ±0.005% S characteristics
HC 0.3W 1O ~ 120kO 1% ~ 0.005% 01ppm/°C, 02.5ppm/°C, 05ppm/°C, 015ppm/°C
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